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62 Hein-Werner Transmission Jack (Early Series) 1 Ton

Name (Link to details page) Description Request Information
4153-H0761000 Ram Assy H0761000(early) Ram Assy Send Form
4154-H2203000 Ram H2203000(early) Ram Send Form
4155-H2409000 Spacer H2409000(early) Spacer Send Form
4156-H2410500 Cup H2410500(early) Cup Send Form
4157-H1108500 Retainer H1108500(early) Retainer Send Form
4158-H1896000 Hex Nut H1896000(early) Hex Nut Send Form
4159-H2405000 Packing Nut (Old Style) H2405000(early) Packing Nut (Old Style) Send Form
4160-H1337500 Packing H1337500(early) Packing Send Form
4161-H2406000 Washer (Old Style) H2406000(early) Washer (Old Style) Send Form
4162-H2404000 Top Nut (Old Style) H2404000(early) Top Nut (Old Style) Send Form
4163-H2201000 Cylinder H2201000(early) Cylinder Send Form
4164-H2202000 Reservoir Tube H2202000(early) Reservoir Tube Send Form
4165-H2418700 Seal H2418700(early) Seal Send Form
4166-H0933000 Handle Grip H0933000(early) Handle Grip Send Form
4167-H0746000 Handle Assy (Use 245828) H0746000(early) Handle Assy (Use 245828) Send Form
4168-H0762500 Release Stem Assy H0762500(early) Release Stem Assy Send Form
4169-H1424000 Knob H1424000(early) Knob Send Form
4170-H2471500 Release Valve Box H2471500(early) Release Valve Box Send Form
4171-H2454000 Release Valve Packing H2454000(early) Release Valve Packing Send Form
4172-H2479500 Thrust Washer H2479500(early) Thrust Washer Send Form
4173-H2148500 Release Valve Stem H2148500(early) Release Valve Stem Send Form
4174-H2486500 Release Valve Stop H2486500(early) Release Valve Stop Send Form
4175-H2217000 Release Valve H2217000(early) Release Valve Send Form
4176-H1185500 PLUG 9.16-18 2A H1185500(early) PLUG 9/16-18 2A Send Form
4177-H1752000 Adjusting Screw H1752000(early) Adjusting Screw Send Form
4178-H1690600 SPRING COMP .275 OD X 3.4FL DISCONTINUED H1690600(early) SPRING COMP .275 OD X... Send Form
4179-H1705500 Cap Spring H1705500(early) Cap Spring Send Form
4180-H1722000 BALL 3.16 GR25 CRM ALLOY STL H1722000(early) BALL 3/16 GR25 CRM... Send Form
4181-H2209500 Unit Block H2209500(early) Unit Block Send Form
4182-H1185500 PLUG 9.16-18 2A H1185500(early) PLUG 9/16-18 2A Send Form
4183-H1152000 SEAL VALVE .45 OD X 3.16THK H1152000(early) SEAL VALVE .45 OD X... Send Form
4184-H2383500 SPRING COMP 5.16 OD X 2.06FL H2383500(early) SPRING COMP 5/16 OD X... Send Form
4185-H0301000 3.8 Steel Ball H0301000(early) 3/8 Steel Ball Send Form
4186-H0218500 Spring H0218500(early) Spring Send Form
4187-H0267500 1.4 Steel Ball H0267500(early) 1/4 Steel Ball Send Form
4188-H8014700 Pin w.389B Ring H8014700(early) Pin w/389B Ring Send Form
4189-H1241500 RING RTNG 21.64ID X 1.16THK (1000-4400 ) H1241500(early) RING RTNG 21/64ID X... Send Form
4190-H0720500 Piston Clip H0720500(early) Piston Clip Send Form
4191-H0760500 Pump Assy H0760500(early) Pump Assy Send Form
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