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J814 Walker Crane Series F 1/2Ton

Name (Link to details page) Description Request Information
4617-223048 (DISCONTINUED) CHAIN & HOOK ASSY 5.16 223048(F) (DISCONTINUED) CHAIN & HOOK... Send Form
4618-223056 Inner Boom Assy 223056(F) Inner Boom Assy Send Form
4619-223043 Position Pin 223043(F) Position Pin Send Form
4620-223076 SCR HHCS 1.2-13X2-1.2 GR5 PLN 223076(F) SCR HHCS 1/2-13X2-1/2 GR5 PLN Send Form
4621-209970 WASHER LOCK 1.2 MED PLN 209970(F) WASHER LOCK 1/2 MED PLN Send Form
4622-203349 HEX 1.2-13 GR5 PLN 203349(F) HEX 1/2-13 GR5 PLN Send Form
4623-225878 Main Boom Assy 225878(F) Main Boom Assy Send Form
4624-223075 SCR HHCS 1.2-13X4 GR5 PLN 223075(F) SCR HHCS 1/2-13X4 GR5 PLN Send Form
4625-209970 WASHER LOCK 1.2 MED PLN 209970(F) WASHER LOCK 1/2 MED PLN Send Form
4626-203349 HEX 1.2-13 GR5 PLN 203349(F) HEX 1/2-13 GR5 PLN Send Form
4627-217920 PIN SPRING SLOT 5.32X1-1.4 PN 217920(F) PIN SPRING SLOT 5/32X1-1/4 PN Send Form
4628-224470 Handle Grip Assy 224470(F) Handle Grip Assy Send Form
4629-223164 GRIP HANDLE .88ID X 4.75 (No. 130053) 223164(F) GRIP HANDLE .88ID X 4.75 (... Send Form
4630-213639 SCR HHCS 1.4-20X3.4 GR5 PLN 213639(F) SCR HHCS 1/4-20X3/4 GR5 PLN Send Form
4631-201081 Lockwasher 201081(F) Lockwasher Send Form
4632-224325 Frame Assy 224325(F) Frame Assy Send Form
4633-223077 SCR HHCS 7.16-14X3-1.2 GR5 PLN 223077(F) SCR HHCS 7/16-14X3-1/2 GR5 PLN Send Form
4634-209967 WASHER LOCK 7.16 MED PLN 209967(F) WASHER LOCK 7/16 MED PLN Send Form
4635-203346 Nut-Lower Unit Pivot 203346(F) Nut-Lower Unit Pivot Send Form
4636-223037 Caster Wheel 223037(F) Caster Wheel Send Form
4637-212622 SCR HHCS 3.8-16X3.4 GR5 PLN 212622(F) SCR HHCS 3/8-16X3/4 GR5 PLN Send Form
4638-201090 Lockwasher-Caster 201090(F) Lockwasher-Caster Send Form
4639-223800 DISCONTINUED SCR HHCS 5.8-11X4 GR5 PLN 223800(F) DISCONTINUED SCR HHCS... Send Form
4640-201110 WASHER LOCK 5.8 MED PLN 201110(F) WASHER LOCK 5/8 MED PLN Send Form
4641-203353 NUT HEX 5.8-11 GR5 PLN 203353(F) NUT HEX 5/8-11 GR5 PLN Send Form
4642-224432 BUSHING- Front Wheel 224432(F) BUSHING- Front Wheel Send Form
4644-223384 Riser Assy 223384(F) Riser Assy Send Form
4645-226180 Hydraulic Unit Assembly (Late Production) 226180(F) Hydraulic Unit Assembly (Late... Send Form
4646-223052 Ram 223052(F) Ram Send Form
4647-223248 Ram Gland Nut 223248(F) Ram Gland Nut Send Form
4648-223055 Tank Nut 223055(F) Tank Nut Send Form
4649-223246 RING PKG 1.2 OD X3.16THK SLD 223246(F) RING PKG 1.2 OD X3/16THK SLD Send Form
4650-224352 Filler Plug Assy 224352(F) Filler Plug Assy Send Form
4651-224346 Vent Closure 224346(F) Vent Closure Send Form
4652-204842 GASKET RING 9.16 OD X 7.16 204842(F) GASKET RING 9/16 OD X 7/16 Send Form
4653-223247 Washer-Ram Gland 223247(F) Washer-Ram Gland Send Form
4654-223054 Oil Tank 223054(F) Oil Tank Send Form
4655-223053 Cylinder 223053(F) Cylinder Send Form
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