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J-132 Walker Service Jack Series H 2 Ton

Name (Link to details page) Description Request Information
1792-204444 Cotter Pin - Pump Pin 204444(H) Cotter Pin - Pump Pin Send Form
1793-216646 Pump Pin 216646(H) Pump Pin Send Form
1794-221799 SUPPORT BEARING 221799(H) SUPPORT BEARING Send Form
1795-221795 Handle Fulcrum Pin 221795(H) Handle Fulcrum Pin Send Form
1796-G-17041 LINK PUMP G-17041(H) LINK PUMP Send Form
1797-216645 PIN 1.2 X 1-7.8 216645(H) PIN 1/2 X 1-7/8 Send Form
1798-224369 R. H. Side Plate 224369(H) R. H. Side Plate Send Form
1799-213925 RING RTNG EXT TRU 5100-62 213925(H) RING RTNG EXT TRU 5100-62 Send Form
1800-204343 WASHER FLAT .88X1.19X.06 PLN 204343(H) WASHER FLAT .88X1.19X.06 PLN Send Form
1801-224767 Ram Assy 224767(H) Ram Assy Send Form
1803-222090 PUMP SPEED ASSY 222090(H) PUMP SPEED ASSY Send Form
1804-222214 Pressure Pump Assy 222214(H) Pressure Pump Assy Send Form
1805-222091 Bell Crank Assy 222091(H) Bell Crank Assy Send Form
1806-213704 Universal Assy - USE 230407 213704(H) Universal Assy - USE 230407 Send Form
1807-222094 Handle Assy 222094(H) Handle Assy Send Form
1808-204462 Cotter Pin 204462(H) Cotter Pin Send Form
1809-210411 WASHER FLAT .20X.36X.03 210411(H) WASHER FLAT .20X.36X.03 Send Form
1810-WH-201 SPRING COMP .35 OD X .91FL WH-201(H) SPRING COMP .35 OD X .91FL Send Form
1811-211341 Rivet - Solid Univ. 211341(H) Rivet - Solid Univ. Send Form
1812-224665 Base Assy 224665(H) Base Assy Send Form
1813-222992 Poppet 222992(H) Poppet Send Form
1814-O Ring O Ring O Ring(H) O Ring Send Form
1815-222991 Spring 222991(H) Spring Send Form
1816-222993 Adjustment Plug 222993(H) Adjustment Plug Send Form
1817-224519 Cup Retainer 224519(H) Cup Retainer Send Form
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