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883 Walker Service Jack Series A & B 1-1/4 Ton

Name (Link to details page) Description Request Information
401-25230 Eaton Snap Ring 25230(A&B) Eaton Snap Ring Send Form
402-80055 Piston Cup Assy 80055(A&B) Piston Cup Assy Send Form
403-25480 1.4-28 Hex Jam Nut 25480(A&B) 1/4-28 Hex Jam Nut Send Form
404-80007 Filler Screw w.139-3 Washer 80007(A&B) Filler Screw w/139-3 Washer Send Form
405-24920 Plug 24920(A&B) Plug Send Form
406-24665 Saddle Stud 24665(A&B) Saddle Stud Send Form
407-25175 Saddle 25175(A&B) Saddle Send Form
408-24675 Saddle Holder 24675(A&B) Saddle Holder Send Form
409-24685 Pin 24685(A&B) Pin Send Form
410-16810 Clip 16810(A&B) Clip Send Form
411-24685 Pin 24685(A&B) Pin Send Form
412-16810 Clip 16810(A&B) Clip Send Form
413-55289 Nameplate 55289(A&B) Nameplate Send Form
414-14945 No. 6 x 1.4 Drive Screw 14945(A&B) No. 6 x 1/4 Drive Screw Send Form
415-80052 Lift Arm Assy 80052(A&B) Lift Arm Assy Send Form
416-9750 Alemite Grease Fitting 9750(A&B) Alemite Grease Fitting Send Form
417-24570 Spring Stud 24570(A&B) Spring Stud Send Form
418-23530 Return Spring 23530(A&B) Return Spring Send Form
419-24755 Fillister Hd Screw 24755(A&B) Fillister Hd Screw Send Form
420-24640 Cross Pin 24640(A&B) Cross Pin Send Form
421-25265 No. 10 Lockwasher 25265(A&B) No. 10 Lockwasher Send Form
422-27310 Hex Nut 27310(A&B) Hex Nut Send Form
423-80053 Drag Link Assy 80053(A&B) Drag Link Assy Send Form
424-24605 Drag Link Stud 24605(A&B) Drag Link Stud Send Form
425-25190 Side Bar RH Complete 25190(A&B) Side Bar RH Complete Send Form
426-24655 Front Axle 24655(A&B) Front Axle Send Form
427-24950 Rivet 24950(A&B) Rivet Send Form
428-24895 Front Axle Retainer 24895(A&B) Front Axle Retainer Send Form
429-24840 Cross Piece 24840(A&B) Cross Piece Send Form
430-24745 Parallel Link 24745(A&B) Parallel Link Send Form
431-24830 Stud 24830(A&B) Stud Send Form
432-24960 Main Pin 24960(A&B) Main Pin Send Form
433-19245 Slotted Hd Cap Screw 19245(A&B) Slotted Hd Cap Screw Send Form
434-26385 3.8 Lockwasher 26385(A&B) 3/8 Lockwasher Send Form
435-25210 Caster Tie Rod 25210(A&B) Caster Tie Rod Send Form
436-25195 Caster Extension Cover 25195(A&B) Caster Extension Cover Send Form
437-10350 Front Wheels 10350(A&B) Front Wheels Send Form
438-18670 Washer 18670(A&B) Washer Send Form
439-24490 Clip 24490(A&B) Clip Send Form
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