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882 Walker Service Jack Series A

Name (Link to details page) Description Request Information
2041-G-21071 Turning Knob G-21071(AB&C) Turning Knob Send Form
2042-204461 PIN COTTER 5.32 X 3.4 PLN 204461(AB&C) PIN COTTER 5/32 X 3/4 PLN Send Form
2043-901246 Felt Pad Assy. 901246(AB&C) Felt Pad Assy. Send Form
2044-G-20851 Rod Connector G-20851(AB&C) Rod Connector Send Form
2045-202285 Rivet 202285(AB&C) Rivet Send Form
2046-G-16861 Rod - Univ. Hex. G-16861(AB&C) Rod - Univ. Hex. Send Form
2047-901283 Hex Tube & Washer Assy. 901283(AB&C) Hex Tube & Washer Assy. Send Form
2048-G-20901 Spring - Univ Retriever G-20901(AB&C) Spring - Univ Retriever Send Form
2049-209964 WASHER LOCK 3.8 LT PLN 209964(AB&C) WASHER LOCK 3/8 LT PLN Send Form
2050-200472 Handle bolts SCR FILHD 3.8-16X2-1.2 SLOT PL 200472(AB&C) Handle bolts SCR FILHD... Send Form
2051-204270 WASHER FLAT .40X.69X.065 204270(AB&C) WASHER FLAT .40X.69X.065 Send Form
2052-209964 WASHER LOCK 3.8 LT PLN 209964(AB&C) WASHER LOCK 3/8 LT PLN Send Form
2053-203344 NUT JAM 3.8-16 .21THK ZN 203344(AB&C) NUT JAM 3/8-16 .21THK ZN Send Form
2054-G-21181 Universal Ext. Rod G-21181(AB&C) Universal Ext. Rod Send Form
2055-G-21051 Plunger Rod G-21051(AB&C) Plunger Rod Send Form
2056-WH-201 SPRING COMP .35 OD X .91FL WH-201(AB&C) SPRING COMP .35 OD X .91FL Send Form
2057-901259 Plunger Rod & Head Assy 901259(AB&C) Plunger Rod & Head Assy Send Form
2058-G-12331 Plunger Head G-12331(AB&C) Plunger Head Send Form
2059-G-2683 Handle Socket G-2683(AB&C) Handle Socket Send Form
2060-213704 Universal Assy - USE 230407 213704(AB&C) Universal Assy - USE 230407 Send Form
2061-901254 Univ. Extension Rod 901254(AB&C) Univ. Extension Rod Send Form
2062-211341 RIVET TRUSS 5.32 X 7.8 PLN 211341(AB&C) RIVET TRUSS 5/32 X 7/8 PLN Send Form
2063-G-16501 Solid End Univ. Head G-16501(AB&C) Solid End Univ. Head Send Form
2064-901172 Universal Assy 901172(AB&C) Universal Assy Send Form
2065-203332 NUT HEX No. 6-32 ZN 203332(AB&C) NUT HEX No. 6-32 ZN Send Form
2066-201784 WASHER LOCK INT TOOTH No. 8 A.B 201784(AB&C) WASHER LOCK INT TOOTH No.... Send Form
2067-G21191 Bolt - Solid Univ. End G21191(AB&C) Bolt - Solid Univ. End Send Form
2068- Handle Lock Washer (AB&earlyC) Handle Lock Washer Send Form
2069- Handle Lock Latch (AB&earlyC) Handle Lock Latch Send Form
2070- Handle Lock Post (AB&earlyC) Handle Lock Post Send Form
2071- Handle Lock Spring (AB&earlyC) Handle Lock Spring Send Form
2072- Handle Lock Bolt (AB&earlyC) Handle Lock Bolt Send Form
2073- Bushing - Handle Lock (AB&earlyC) Bushing - Handle Lock Send Form
2074-211696 Handle Assy - Complete 211696(AB&C) Handle Assy - Complete Send Form
2075-G-16821 Bushing - Rear Wheel Fork G-16821(AB&C) Bushing - Rear Wheel Fork Send Form
2076-G-16891 Retaining Screws - Caster G-16891(AB&C) Retaining Screws - Caster Send Form
2077-G-18971 Axle - Rear Wheel G-18971(AB&C) Axle - Rear Wheel Send Form
2078-901095 Caster Assy 901095(AB&C) Caster Assy Send Form
2079-G-16911 Fork - Rear Wheel G-16911(AB&C) Fork - Rear Wheel Send Form