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882 Walker Service Jack Series A

Name (Link to details page) Description Request Information
2080-213106 Rear Wheels 213106(AB&C) Rear Wheels Send Form
2081-G-16401 Ball Race - Top G-16401(AB&C) Ball Race - Top Send Form
2082-203231 1.4 Balls - Caster 203231(AB&C) 1/4 Balls - Caster Send Form
2083-G-16461 Ball Race - Bottom G-16461(AB&C) Ball Race - Bottom Send Form
2084-901096 Rear Caster Bearing 901096(AB&C) Rear Caster Bearing Send Form
2085-202359 Rivet- Front Axle 202359(AB&C) Rivet- Front Axle Send Form
2086-G-7982 L. H. Parallel Link G-7982(AB&C) L. H. Parallel Link Send Form
2087-G-7972 R. H. Parallel Link G-7972(AB&C) R. H. Parallel Link Send Form
2088-G-17561 Pin - Links To Cap G-17561(AB&C) Pin - Links To Cap Send Form
2089-G-7722 Cap Housing G-7722(AB&C) Cap Housing Send Form
2090-G-17261 Pin - Bellcrank To Cap Housing G-17261(AB&C) Pin - Bellcrank To Cap... Send Form
2091-G-2713 Cap G-2713(AB&C) Cap Send Form
2092-202229 Rivet - Cover Springs 202229(AB&C) Rivet - Cover Springs Send Form
2093-212788 Cover Complete 212788(AB&C) Cover Complete Send Form
2094-G-18881 Cover Spring G-18881(AB&C) Cover Spring Send Form
2095- Cover (AB&earlyC) Cover Send Form
2096-214701 Handle Segment & Bushing Assy 214701(AB&C) Handle Segment & Bushing... Send Form
2097-214699 Bushing - Handle Segment 214699(AB&C) Bushing - Handle Segment Send Form
2098-901118 R. H. Side Plate 901118(AB&C) R. H. Side Plate Send Form
2099-901119 L. H. Side Plate 901119(AB&C) L. H. Side Plate Send Form
2100- Front Wheel Roller Assy Removed from Late C Se (AB&earlyC) Front Wheel Roller Assy... Send Form
2101-204326 Washer - Front Wheel 204326(LateC) Washer - Front Wheel Send Form
2102-G-7732 Front Axle G-7732(AB&C) Front Axle Send Form
2103-204513 Cotter Pin - Front Axle Collar 204513(AB&earlyC) Cotter Pin - Front... Send Form
2104-204509 Cotter Pin - Front Axle 204509(AB&earlyC) Cotter Pin - Front... Send Form
2105- Front Wheel (AB&C) Front Wheel Send Form
2106-220856 Front Wheel 220856(AB&earlyC) Front Wheel Send Form
2293-213152 RING PKG 15.16 OD X 5.8 SOLID 213152(AB&C) RING PKG 15/16 OD X 5/8... Send Form
2294-G-17561 Pin - Links To Cap G-17561(AB&C) Pin - Links To Cap Send Form
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