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62 Hein-Werner Transmission Jack (Early Series) 1 Ton

Name (Link to details page) Description Request Information
4192-H2137500 Nut H2137500(early) Nut Send Form
4193-H2140500 Washer H2140500(early) Washer Send Form
4194-H2127500 Socket Bracket H2127500(early) Socket Bracket Send Form
4195-H2227000 Guide H2227000(early) Guide Send Form
4196-H8000700 Filler Screw w.Washer H8000700(early) Filler Screw w/Washer Send Form
4197-H0218000 5.8 I.D. Shakeproof Washer H0218000(early) 5/8 I.D. Shakeproof... Send Form
4198-H2674000 5.8-18x2 Hx. Hd. Cap Screws H2674000(early) 5/8-18x2 Hx. Hd. Cap... Send Form
4199-H2493500 Piston Plug H2493500(early) Piston Plug Send Form
4200-H0763000 Adj. Angle Assy H0763000(early) Adj. Angle Assy Send Form
4201-H2224000 Adj. Stud Bracket H2224000(early) Adj. Stud Bracket Send Form
4202-H5579300 Washer H5579300(early) Washer Send Form
4203-H2672500 Hex Hd Cap Screw H2672500(early) Hex Hd Cap Screw Send Form
4204-H2221000 Yoke Clamp H2221000(early) Yoke Clamp Send Form
4205-H2524000 3.4 Washer H2524000(early) 3/4 Washer Send Form
4206-H2609500 3.4-10 Hex Nut H2609500(early) 3/4-10 Hex Nut Send Form
4207-H2207000 Adj. Yoke Rod H2207000(early) Adj. Yoke Rod Send Form
4208-H2218500 SUPPORT YOKE CLAMP H2218500(early) SUPPORT YOKE CLAMP Send Form
4209-H2222500 Adjusting Screw H2222500(early) Adjusting Screw Send Form
4210-H2227200 12 Chain Assy H2227200(early) 12 Chain Assy Send Form
4211-H2227100 48 Chain Assy H2227100(early) 48 Chain Assy Send Form
4212-H2205500 Saddle H2205500(early) Saddle Send Form
4213-H2176000 Retaining Ring H2176000(early) Retaining Ring Send Form
4214-H2213500 PIN SIDE PIVOT 7.8 X 9-1.2 H2213500(early) PIN SIDE PIVOT 7/8 X... Send Form
4215-H2205000 Saddle Holder H2205000(early) Saddle Holder Send Form
4216-H2536500 1.2-20 Hex Jam Nut H2536500(early) 1/2-20 Hex Jam Nut Send Form
4217-H2695500 Thrust Bearing H2695500(early) Thrust Bearing Send Form
4218-H2212500 Pin- Forward Tilt H2212500(early) Pin- Forward Tilt Send Form
4219-H2682000 7.8 OD x 13.64 ID x.63 thk Washer H2682000(early) 7/8 OD x 13/64 ID x.63... Send Form
4220-H2176000 Retaining Ring H2176000(early) Retaining Ring Send Form
4221-H2215500 PIN FORWARD TILT H2215500(early) PIN FORWARD TILT Send Form
4222-H2210500 Screw H2210500(early) Screw Send Form
4223-H2165000 Knob H2165000(early) Knob Send Form
4224-H2596500 3.16 x 1 Roll Pin H2596500(early) 3/16 x 1 Roll Pin Send Form
4225-H2176000 RETAINING RING H2176000(early) RETAINING RING Send Form
4226-H2213000 PIN SADDLE PIVOT 7.8 X 8 H2213000(early) PIN SADDLE PIVOT 7/8 X 8 Send Form
4227-H2216000 LINK SADDLE H2216000(early) LINK SADDLE Send Form
4228-H0757000 Lift Arm Assy H0757000(early) Lift Arm Assy Send Form
4229-H8015100 Cover H8015100(early) Cover Send Form
4230-H6236900 Wedge H6236900(early) Wedge Send Form
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