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X-10 - CF10H Hein-Werner Service Jack Series Long Frame 10 Ton

Name (Link to details page) Description Request Information
1273-H0519000 Ram Assy H0519000(LongFrame) Ram Assy Send Form
1274-H0829000 Ram H0829000(LongFrame) Ram Send Form
1275-H2442500 Piston H2442500(LongFrame) Piston Send Form
1276-H1625000 Cup H1625000(LongFrame) Cup Send Form
1277-H2439000 Retainer H2439000(LongFrame) Retainer Send Form
1278-H0844000 Cylinder H0844000(LongFrame) Cylinder Send Form
1279-H0845000 Seal for Cylinder H0845000(LongFrame) Seal for Cylinder Send Form
1280-H2593500 1.8-27 NPTF Pipe Plug H2593500(LongFrame) 1/8-27 NPTF Pipe... Send Form
1281-H8000700 Filler Screw w.Washer H8000700(LongFrame) Filler Screw... Send Form
1282-H1789000 Valve H1789000(LongFrame) Valve Send Form
1283-H1803500 Spring H1803500(LongFrame) Spring Send Form
1284-H1778500 Washer H1778500(LongFrame) Washer Send Form
1285-H1796000 Plug w.Washer H1796000(LongFrame) Plug w/Washer Send Form
1286-H1185500 PLUG 9.16-18 2A H1185500(LongFrame) PLUG 9/16-18 2A Send Form
1287-H1152000 Plug Seal H1152000(LongFrame) Plug Seal Send Form
1288-H1528000 Spring H1528000(LongFrame) Spring Send Form
1289-H1133000 Spring H1133000(LongFrame) Spring Send Form
1290-H1752000 SCR ADJ 7.16-20 2AX.32 H1752000(LongFrame) SCR ADJ 7/16-20... Send Form
1291-H0301000 3.8 Ball H0301000(LongFrame) 3/8 Ball Send Form
1292-H1690600 SPRING COMP .255 OD X .421FL H1690600(LongFrame) SPRING COMP .255 OD... Send Form
1293-H0218500 Spring H0218500(LongFrame) Spring Send Form
1294-H1705500 Spring Cap H1705500(LongFrame) Spring Cap Send Form
1295-H0267500 1.4 Ball H0267500(LongFrame) 1/4 Ball Send Form
1296-H1722000 3.16 Ball H1722000(LongFrame) 3/16 Ball Send Form
1297-H0843500 Unit Body H0843500(LongFrame) Unit Body Send Form
1298-H0975000 Alemite Drive Fitting H0975000(LongFrame) Alemite Drive... Send Form
1299-H1801500 Packing-H.S. H1801500(LongFrame) Packing-H.S. Send Form
1300-H1811000 Packing Nut-H.S. H1811000(LongFrame) Packing Nut-H.S. Send Form
1301-H1802000 H. S. Piston 1-1.2 Dia. H1802000(LongFrame) H. S. Piston 1-1/2... Send Form
1302-H0928500 Pin w. 2 pin rings H0928500(LongFrame) Pin w/ 2 pin rings Send Form
1303-H1241500 Pin Rings H1241500(LongFrame) Pin Rings Send Form
1304-H2596500 3.16x1 Roll Pin H2596500(LongFrame) 3/16x1 Roll Pin Send Form
1305-H0508000 Release Rod Ext. Assy H0508000(LongFrame) Release Rod Ext.... Send Form
1306-H1783500 5.32 x 17.32 Pin H1783500(LongFrame) 5/32 x 17/32 Pin Send Form
1307-H2367500 Release Gear w. Pin H2367500(LongFrame) Release Gear w/ Pin Send Form
1308-H2685500 9.16-18 Hex Jam Nut H2685500(LongFrame) 9/16-18 Hex Jam Nut Send Form
1309-H2429000 Link-L.P. H2429000(LongFrame) Link-L.P. Send Form
1310-H1461000 O' Ring H1461000(LongFrame) O' Ring Send Form
1311-H1957500 Release Screw H1957500(LongFrame) Release Screw Send Form