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X-10 - CF10H Hein-Werner Service Jack Series Long Frame 10 Ton

Name (Link to details page) Description Request Information
1351-H0839500 Front Wheel H0839500(LongFrame) Front Wheel Send Form
1352-H0975000 Drive Fitting - Alemite H0975000(LongFrame) Drive Fitting -... Send Form
1353-H1775500 Washer H1775500(LongFrame) Washer Send Form
1354-H1767000 Snap Rings H1767000(LongFrame) Snap Rings Send Form
1355-H2435500 L. H. Side Bar H2435500(LongFrame) L. H. Side Bar Send Form
1356-H0218000 5.8 I.D. Shakeproof Washer H0218000(LongFrame) 5/8 I.D. Shakeproof... Send Form
1357-H2673000 5.8-18 Hex Jam Nut 3.8 Thk. H2673000(LongFrame) 5/8-18 Hex Jam Nut... Send Form
1358-H0249000 3.4 I.D. Shakeproof Washer H0249000(LongFrame) 3/4 I.D. Shakeproof... Send Form
1359-H2611000 3.4-16 Hex Jam Nut H2611000(LongFrame) 3/4-16 Hex Jam Nut Send Form
1360-H0252000 Shakeproof Lock Washer H0252000(LongFrame) Shakeproof Lock... Send Form
1361-H2437000 1-3.4-16 Hex Jam Nut H2437000(LongFrame) 1-3/4-16 Hex Jam Nut Send Form
1362-H0521000 Caster Assy H0521000(LongFrame) Caster Assy Send Form
1363-H2442000 Caster Bracket H2442000(LongFrame) Caster Bracket Send Form
1364-H1496000 Caster Bearing H1496000(LongFrame) Caster Bearing Send Form
1365-H1652500 3.4-16 Hex Jam Nut H1652500(LongFrame) 3/4-16 Hex Jam Nut Send Form
1366-H0215600 1.2 I.D. Shakeproof washer H0215600(LongFrame) 1/2 I.D. Shakeproof... Send Form
1367-H6131900 1.2-13 x 1-3.4 Hex Hd Cap Screws H6131900(LongFrame) 1/2-13 x 1-3/4 Hex... Send Form
1368-H1967500 Thrust Bearings H1967500(LongFrame) Thrust Bearings Send Form
1369-H2174000 Bearing Races H2174000(LongFrame) Bearing Races Send Form
1370-H2439500 Caster Fork H2439500(LongFrame) Caster Fork Send Form
1371-H1581000 Caster Axle Clip H1581000(LongFrame) Caster Axle Clip Send Form
1372-H2441000 Caster Axle H2441000(LongFrame) Caster Axle Send Form
1373-H0975000 Alemite Fitting H0975000(LongFrame) Alemite Fitting Send Form
1374-H1638500 Needle Bearings H1638500(LongFrame) Needle Bearings Send Form
1375-H1741000 Caster Wheel H1741000(LongFrame) Caster Wheel Send Form
1376-H2444000 Snap Ring H2444000(LongFrame) Snap Ring Send Form
1377-H2430500 Unit Pivot Pin H2430500(LongFrame) Unit Pivot Pin Send Form
1378-H2527500 No. 10 x 1 Stove Hd.Phillips Screw H2527500(LongFrame) No. 10 x 1 Stove... Send Form
1379-H0218000 5.8 I.D. Shakeproof Washer H0218000(LongFrame) 5/8 I.D. Shakeproof... Send Form
1380-H2673000 5.8-18 Hex Ham Nut H2673000(LongFrame) 5/8-18 Hex Ham Nut Send Form
1381-H1797500 Fork Pin H1797500(LongFrame) Fork Pin Send Form
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