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67562 Blackhawk Transmission Jack 1 Ton Series B & C

Name (Link to details page) Description Request Information
246-D65017 Chain Hook D65017(B&C) Chain Hook Send Form
247-D57111 Bracket RH D57111(B&C) Bracket RH Send Form
248-J251104 Roller Shaft J251104(B&C) Roller Shaft Send Form
249-A435524 Retaining Ring A435524(B&C) Retaining Ring Send Form
250-D58111 Bracket LH D58111(B&C) Bracket LH Send Form
251-K716111 Stud RH 12-1.4 K716111(B&C) Stud RH 12-1/4 Send Form
252-K715111 Stud LH 16-1.4 K715111(B&C) Stud LH 16-1/4 Send Form
253-D258066 Chain D258066(B&C) Chain Send Form
254-K717111 Stud RH 16-1.4 K717111(B&C) Stud RH 16-1/4 Send Form
255-D47039 Sleeve D47039(B&C) Sleeve Send Form
256-D45028 Adjusting Screw D45028(B&C) Adjusting Screw Send Form
257-J414900 Parallel Arm J414900(B&C) Parallel Arm Send Form
258-D66154 Casters D66154(B&C) Casters Send Form
259-J411104 Lift Arm Shaft J411104(B&C) Lift Arm Shaft Send Form
260-J424111 U Bolt J424111(B&C) U Bolt Send Form
261-J420103 Lift Arm J420103(B&C) Lift Arm Send Form
262-D53111 Lower Adapter Channel D53111(B&C) Lower Adapter Channel Send Form
263-D54111 Upper Adapter Channel D54111(B&C) Upper Adapter Channel Send Form
264-U34X2 Hardware Package U34X2(B&C) Hardware Package Send Form
265-K59064 Decal Identification K59064(B&C) Decal Identification Send Form
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